And then there were five . . . .

The tale of Adam, the time-travelling amnesiac, is finished. The removal of the ‘immortal’ story arc rendered the original title irrelevant, and the revised edition is now available on Leanpub as The Stranger.

In an earlier blog entry, I speculated on solutions to the impasse I’d created. My speculations were prescient. By demoting one of the characters to lesser status, and abandoning the complex ‘immortal’ thread, I was able to jump-start the narrative and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. It’s a far more subdued conclusion than the one I envisaged, but it does bring the story full-circle, and introduces some measure of resolution.

During the long hiatus in the writing of The Stranger, Leanpub relegated the book to what it calls cold storage. Bringing it out of storage resulted in several difficulties: difficulties that were overcome by switching to online editing instead of Dropbox. I took this opportunity to move two other books from storage and they are once again available in revised editions with new titles.

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