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Psychic Dawn

The Leanpub website now shows that Psychic Dawn, my second work of fiction, is 100% complete, which means that it now has a beginning, a middle, and an end, sandwiched between a Foreword and an Afterword.

What remains is constant reading and re-reading, the never-ending task of finding typographical mistakes, repetitions, and the occasional goof.

Unlike Psychic Awakening, which grew from a vivid mental image of the first scene in the book, Psychic Dawn grew from a vivid mental image that forms the last paragraph of Chapter 6. From this static point, the story grew in two directions: forwards and backwards.

This complication, and the greater one of writing a story set in modern Japan, were the reasons I was hesitant to accept the challenge and procrastinated for several years.

Now that the story is complete, I wonder how much sense it will make to readers unfamiliar with Japan and Japanese culture.

Leaving aside the fictional element, the setting and background of Psychic Dawn are, I believe, accurate and authentic, my only reservation being the element of Japanese police procedure, of which I have no personal experience.

I could have prevailed upon a friend who is a retired MPD official to check my descriptions of Detectives Matsumoto and Washizu but, as with Psychic Awakening, a fear of blocking the creative flow with plodding background research held me back. I suspect that the scenes featuring Emi Washizu would be far more monotonous if I forced them into the straightjacket of realism.

Reading the final draft, I was tempted — very briefly — to use footnotes to clarify references that might be unclear to readers unfamiliar with Japanese current affairs. I resisted the temptation and decided I could use this blog to fulfil the same purpose.

As this blog will now cover the material of two, possibly more, novels, I have added one letter to the title, which is now Psychic Awakenings. This will probably result in a week or two of search engine confusion, but will more accurately reflect the content of the blog.

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The Agonies of Channelling

Both of my Psychic novels wrote themselves, although the seminal idea for Psychic Dawn came to me many years ago.

Writing was effortless. I just let my fingers do the walking, describing the scenes unfolding in my mind, without the slightest idea of what was going to happen next.

I felt relaxed and comfortable after several hours and several thousand words of writing.

What’s strange is that a long day of writing inevitably resulted in a very stressful night. In short ten or twenty minute episodes, I’d dream of struggling to develop a particular story line, going nowhere and coming back to the beginning, again and again and again. All night long.

You’d expect the opposite. That stories would unfold effortlessly in dreams but require agonising planning and analysis in the waking state.

In the Afterword to Psychic Awakening I mentioned that the descriptions of Megan’s psychic episodes came from my own experiences. I’m finding it difficult to compare those experiences with those of waking-state writing and dream-state writing.

I suspect it has something to do with the trance state, which is probably neurologically different from any of the dream states.

Book Two (Psychic Dawn) is nearing completion. I still have no idea how it’s going to finish. I’m taking a two-day break before tackling the climax. I’ve caught a tiny glimpse of the next scene of the book and it’s going to be very, very difficult to put into words.

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